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  • How to shop for wild riceThe darker the color of finished wild rice, the longer the required cooking time.
  • More bran has been “polished” from the lighter colored kernels, allowing a shorter cooking time.  Darker wild rice may be slightly more nutritious.
  • Gibbs-California Wild Rice is processed to leave as much of the nutritious dark layer of bran intact as possible and still retain the cooking time desired by our customers.
  • Wild rice quadruples in volume when cooked, with one pound of rice producing 21 – 24 half-cup servings.
  • Wild rice is graded by width and diameter.  White and brown rice are graded primarily by length.  Cooking time is also determined by the width of the kernels.  Wild rice grains are separated and blended by size to produce products with uniform cooking times.
  • There is absolutely no waste when cooking with wild rice.  Every ounce returns edible, highly palatable food.  Wild rice adds interest to meals, as its texture is unique and the flavor needs little enhancing.